First Things To Do After a Home Fire

First Things To Do After a Home Fire

There are many things to consider after a home fire. For example, how long can you safely stay in your house? And what should you do next? The most important thing is to ensure that all members of the family are accounted for, especially if the house isn’t insured. Next, contact your local fire department. They can help you identify any structural damage and provide advice on whether the home can be saved. Finally, it’s important to have your insurance policy reviewed as soon as possible. You’ll need to replace your belongings, but in the case of a fire, you’ll need to make sure the fire damage is covered by your insurance policy.

After a fire, there are three ways you can react. You can wait until the fire department arrives, go to the hospital, or do nothing. The last option, waiting until the fire department arrives, is the best option. In the first case, the chances of survival are low. In the second case, the chance of survival is higher. And in the third case, the chance of survival is even higher. If the fire department doesn’t show up, the odds of surviving are even lower.

What to Do After a Home Fire (Checklist)

1. Make sure everyone has a working smoke alarm.

2. Have a plan in place to notify emergency services.

3. Create a fire escape ladder or plan to jump from a window.

4. Start a fire extinguisher if you have one.

5. Clean up the area immediately.

6. Remove flammable items from the fire such as papers, candles, etc.

7. Close doors and windows that might lead into the house.

8. If a fire burns near curtains or other draperies, douse it with water.

9. If the fire burns curtains or draperies, don’t use a blanket or towel to put out the fire, use only wet rags.

10. Don’t touch a burning object with bare hands, or with anything made

Fireman extinguish fire on house
First Things To Do After a Home Fire

Get Help

Before anything else, the homeowner should ensure that their home is safe. This means asking for assistance in the event of an active fire and then permitting the firefighters to do their job.

It is important to ensure that all people are out of the home. Sometimes, people located on the opposite side of the home may not be able to hear the noise. This allows firefighters to perform their work and make sure that the fire is put out. Here is the link to the USA Fire administration agency, visit this website or call 911 if you are in the United Estate.

Assess the Situation

If the fire has been put out and there isn’t any immediate danger to the property or individuals, the homeowners need to be sure to take a moment to evaluate the damage that has occurred. Examine the inside and outside of the home to determine the extent of the damage.

When a person takes an in-depth look at the house will they be able to see what might have transpired in the wake of the fire? If there is a smell issue then airing out the windows and doors will aid in eliminating the odor before it starts to stick to furniture and walls.

Consult the Insurance Provider

Make a phone call to the insurance company that is responsible for the homeowner’s policy for the home. Insurance companies would like to hear about any incident as soon as it occurs.

The insurance agent might ask homeowners to take photos and videos of all destruction to the inside and exterior of the house. These photos will aid in making the insurance claim.

Most companies are able to handle claims in a couple of days, however, there could be delays if there occurred a recent natural catastrophe within the region. Be patient as the process is completed.

Call a Restoration Company

Once everything is settled with the insurance provider, your next call should be to a restoration firm. Property owners should employ an experienced restoration firm for fire damage after an event of a fire, as these professionals can determine the extent of any damage to property and suggest the best solution.

Property owners should also consider hiring companies that offer environmentally-friendly restoration services. They are equipped with the tools and know-how to complete an eco-friendly restoration that cleanses and rejuvenates without adding any harmful substances to the surrounding of your home or business.

There is a temptation to fix the damage caused by a fire without consulting an expert. This is an error since it could cause additional financial difficulties in the future.

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Bring a Home Back to Its Original State

In contacting the insurance company and an organization for home restoration homeowners can be assured that their property is maintained to the highest standard.

6 Steps to Take Immediately After a Home Fire

  • Don’t Panic: If there is no smoke or smell, chances are no one was hurt. Call 9-1-1 immediately if you have any concerns.
  • Call For Help: If you have a cell phone, call the number below. If you don’t have a cell phone, find a landline and call it.
  • Check For Smoke: Look around for open doors, windows, and vents; look up and down the floor plan of your home; look in cabinets and closets for smoldering embers.
  • Find People: Call neighbors, relatives, friends, and any other people you might know who could help you.
  • Take a Breath: Have a cup of coffee or hot tea while you wait.
  • Stay Put: Don’t leave

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